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Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter


  • Vertical pressure leaf filter vessel is designed and constructed in accordance with ASME VIII Div 1.
  • Filter leaves in stainless steel.
  • Vessel material available in stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Design pressure: 6 bars
  • Design temperature: 150°C
  • Filter area from 5m2 to 100m2.

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Customization of other makes of pressure leaf filter

We customize filters to suit your requirement. Please specify make and model of your filters. By varying the height, width and number of filter leaves, it allows seamless interchangeability of your present filters with ours.


How it works

PLF cat pic

In a vertical pressure leaf filter, the filtration process begins within minutes of the start of the filtration cycle. Solid particles form a filtering layer on the fine outer wire cloth of the filter leaves [3]. This process, known as bridging, enables all solids that can be filtered to be extracted from the slurry. The clear filtrate flows through the, vertically placed, double faced filter leaves and into the horizontally mounted outlet manifold [4].

As the leaves filter on both sides, a large filtration area can be obtained in a relatively smal vessel. Each leaf consists of five layers of stainless steel wire cloth, with the outer layers of fine mesh acting as the filtration media, and the centre layer facilitating drainage of the filtrate. The remaining layers act as support for the filter media.

A fully baffled inlet [5] ensures that the solids in the incoming feed are kept on suspension and cake formation on the filter leaves remains undisturbed.

The disposal of the dry cake begins by blowing dry with the compressed air, inert gas or steam before being discharged automatically by the pneumatic vibrator [2] and butterfly valve cake door [6]. The vibrator assembly, which acts as both cake discharge mechanism and leaf spacer is mounted from outside the filter vessel. The vibrator shaft pass through a rubber membrane and utilizes an 'O' ring seal to ensure that call the vibration energy is utilized in the filter cake release.

With the construction, the vertical pressure leaf filter offers large filtration areas in a small floor space, concentrated cake discharge, totally enclosed operation and ease of automation.

This proven system of pressure filtration is widely used in many industries. However, it is in the edible oil industries that the pressure leaf filters are most commonly used in the crude oil, bleached oil and nickel catalyst filtration. They are also extensively used in the chemical, food and mineral industries among many other industries.




Specifications table

Pressure leaf filter specifications drawing  [+]

Vertical pressure leaf filter

Pressure leaf filter specifications table  [+]

Technical data for Tapis Vertical Filter Leaf Vessel Data



Floor Space
Head room 
a:Head room allowance
B:Vessel height with davit arm lifted 
C:Total height of vessel incl lifting of leaves from vessel 
D x E:Floor space
F:Horizontal length after extension of vibrator bar and drainage manifold


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