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Circular Vibratory Separator

VSC Series

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VSC Series

A high quality separator that provides a superior performance with a competitive price.

How it works

The Tapis Vibrodynamics separator is a high quality circular vibratory screening machine. Being competitively priced, this screening machine also provides superior performance. The basic assembly consists of a vibrating motor and a number of interchangeable frames, namely top rim, mid-pan and base-pan, each with a discharge spout. Pre-tensioned screens are fitted across the frames. The Tapis Vibrodynamics separators are available in various sizes from 20” (500mm) to 72” (1800mm).

This assembly is supported on a circular support base with coil springs that allow the assembly to vibrate freely while completely preventing vibration transmission to the floor.

1. Top Rim Assembly

2. Oversize Product Outlet

3. Mesh

4. Clamp Assembly

5. Screen Frame

6. Weight Assembly

7. Undersize Product Outlet

8. Screen Suspension

9. Vibrator

10. Screen Support Base

Vibration to the entire screen assembly is generated by the vibrator motor. Material to be screened is fed to the center of the top screen. The three dimensional motion of the separator move the oversize particles across the screen cloth to the outer surface where they are discharged. The undersize particles or liquid passes quickly through the screen. In a multi deck unit, each screen is equipped with a feed tray which redirects the undersize or liquid to the center of the screen beneath.

The top eccentric weight of the double extension motor shaft creates vibration in the horizontal plane which causes material to move across the screen cloth towards the periphery. Adjustment to this horizontal amplitude can be made by increasing the mass of the top eccentric weight causing oversize material to move and discharge at a faster rate.The bottom eccentric weight creates a tilting vibration on the screen.

Increasing the mass of the weight will in turn increase the vertical motion of the separator. This motion allows the materials to tumble at the screen surface thereby allowing a maximum quantity of undersize material to flow through the screen. This vertical motion also inhibits blinding of the screen by “near size” particles. The three dimensional motion occurs when the bottom eccentric weight is set to lead the top eccentric weight. When the weight is at phase 0° lead, material radiates directly to the outer surface and accumulate there. Increasing the lead produces a spiral motion across the screen.

This lead angle controls the pattern of material flow. Thus the circular screen separator allows the top and bottom eccentric weights to be adjusted independently. The mass and angle between the weights can be varied offering a great deal of control over the three vibrating components. These adjustments optimize usage of the separator for varying materials and conditions.


Specialist Drive Units

We have put together a motor package to suit every requirement, single flange technology for fast installation and easy access and twin flanges as standard. All are offered in a wide range of voltages, enclosure types and speeds to provide outstanding performance and reliability. Standard enclosures certified to IP 56 or IP 66 and insulation to class F. Vibrators are available for use with 220/230-380/420 volts. 3 phase 50 or 60 Hertz and up to 650 volts.

Circular Vibratory Separator

Single flange unit

Circular Vibratory Separator

Double flange unit



Perfect fit

Circular Vibratory Separator

The perfect fit between the rim flange, v-clamp and profiled gasket ensures longer life span of these components.

Coil spring

Circular Vibratory Separator

A combination of resilient coil spring and soft rubber mounts provide maximum performance, low noise and reduced energy costs. More support spring provides gentler separator motion and stability especially during starting up and shutting down of the machine.

Vibration amplitude gauge

Circular Vibratory Separator

Each Tapis Vibrodynamics® Separator is equipped with a motion indicator on one of the rims. This amplitude gauge permits you to instantly read the horizontal and vertical stroke providing direct measurement of the amplitude of the vibration. Once you have established the optimum vibration for your application, the amplitude gauge allows instant periodic check to ensure that there has been no shifting of the weights or tempering.


Options and Accessories

Options & accessories

Top cover assembly

This consists of the cover, ring, and vee-clamps.

Ball tray assembly

The 2" spacing rim along with the screen and rubber balls make up the ball tray assembly.

Slider assembly

This self-cleaning screen kit consists of the sliders and perforated plate.


Customization & Retrofitting

Pneumatic lifting cover

Circular Vibratory Separator

Special design cover incorporating self-lifting and lowering function permits quick access and easy changing of screen on single or multiple-deck.

Enclosed screening prevents process material being contaminated or splashing.

Removable plate nozzles provide multidirectional spraying of cleaning and rinsing fluids thereby simplifying the cleaning.

Its versatile design meets the needs of industries and environment considerations.


Press clarifier

Circular Vibratory Separator

This design permits high volume input to flood the top deck allowing a continuous high capacity flow. The fibrous material overflow from the top screen to the lower deck where it undergoes maximum dewatering resulting in drier tailings. Inter-connection of spouts provides each single discharge for the clarified liquids and fibrous tailings.


Design Options

Special designs

Meeting the needs of process and environmental considerations is just one of the reasons why the Vibrodynamics® range has gained a world-wide reputation for design, ingenuity and technical ability. Computer aided design provides the basis for static and dymanic evaluation to ensure maximum reliability and performance across the range, making it one of the most versatile screens on the market.

Food and pharmaceutical

With an understanding of the food and pharmaceutical industries, we at Vibrodynamics® have formulated a number of options to enhance cleaning, portability and safety. Crevice free intervals with micro-finish polish both inside and outside the screen, stop and start controls as a built in option and a lockable wheel system. The FP range offers other choices including clip or toggle clamping, total enclosure and built in magnets to eliminate metal contamination. Suitable for powder and tablet grading, ideal for filtration.

Food & pharmaceuticalFood & pharmaceutical

Through flow units (TF)

High capacity unrestrictive liquid and solid screening is the main feature of this ingenious design. Equipped with twin outboard drive systems to provide vertical, horizontal and radial forces, it is especially useful in areas limited by space and headroom. With full reject facilities the TF range offers a screen of exceptionally low profile and versatility for all in-line process installations. Options include mobile sieving stations, high volume liquid or solid screening, or multipurpose for use in either standard or food and pharmaceutical finishes.

Laboratory screens

Laboratory screens are designed to meet the same exacting demands of the large industrial units but with the flexibility to make fast screen changes, run continuous monitoring operations and day-to-day particles analysis. Available with a board selection of extras to cope with most materials wet or dry, the VSC400 can make an easy task of most laboratory work with facilities for up to 4 screening decks.



We carry a wide range of new and remeshed screens including screens of other makes of separators.

Circular Vibratory Separator


Specifications – Dimension Table



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