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We manufacture and stock a wide range of spare parts for the separator.

Separator spare parts
Separator spare parts

S1 - Base pan
S2 - V-clamp assembly
S3 - Screen
S4 - Center tie down assembly (Base pan)
S5 - Inspection port cover
S6 - Mid pan
S7 - Center tie down assembly (Mid pan)
S8 - Top rim

Double flange motor spare parts
Double flange motor spare parts

M1 - Coil housing assembly
M2 - Amature assembly
M3 - Bearing housing - 140 assembly
M4 - Bearing housing - 170 assembly
M5 - Bearing housing cover 140 assembly
M6 - Bearing housing cover 170 assembly
M7 - Top weight assembly
M8 - Bottom weight assembly

Base support spare parts
Base support spare parts

B1 - Motor wedge assembly
B2 - Top lubricating assembly
B3 - Motor housing
B4 - Spring coil
B5 - Base support














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