The Pulse Tube Filter is designed and constructed in accordance with ASME VIII Div. 1, PED or U-Stamp certification. Filtration area from 2m2 to 147m2 with pressure of 6 bars and design temperature of 150

The PTF Filter can be used as:

  • Main Filtration
  • Heel Filtration
  • Polish Filtration

The design of the Pulse Tube Filter:

The Pulse Tube Filter is a vertical filter with round elements. Fabric filter cloth, from a wide selection of pore sizes (from 1 micron), is then mounted onto each round element. These filter cloth, made from different types of materials, can provide filtration solutions to a wide range of applications.

Advantages of the Pulse Tube Filter:

  • With the filter cloth, direct filtration is made possible without the need for additional filter aids.
  • The filter cloth also gives users the flexibility to use these Pulse Tube Filters for different applications by varying the selection of pore size and materials of the filter cloth.
  • The Pulse Tube Filter can be fully automated.

This makes the Pulse Tube Filter an excellent choice to fulfill many requirements in different processes and markets.